Indoor Stadium

The unique Indoor Stadium provides means for holding competitions on Summer sports and preparing high-level athletes.

The venue is located in the centre of the city, near the Kazan Kremlin.

Venue dimensions: 178 х 91.24 m, 24 m high. Extensible stands for maximum of 1100 persons can be installed there. Venue lighting is 500 lux.

Within the 27th Summer Universiade 2013 the Stadium was used as a training venue for the Athletics competitions participants.

The Stadium serves as a training facility for the Athletics team of the Republic of Tatarstan nowadays. The games within the Winter Football Championship of the city and the Republic, as well as trainings of sports schools of Kazan take place at the venue.

  Football, Mini-Football


Venue Information

  • Address – 2a, Tashayak Str., Kazan
  • Commissioning – 2007
  • Distance to the Airport – 30 km
  • Distance to the city centre – 1 km
  • Venue Facilities
  • Football Field with Prestige XМ (Evolution) Flooring – 105 х 68 m
  • 5 Athletic Tracks with MONDO SportTrack Super Flooring – 400 m
  • 7 Athletic Tracks – 100 m
  • Water Jump for Steeplechase
  • Jump Sites
  • Shot Put Circle